Thursday, October 11, 2007

Disco Garden

One of my favorite artist that came out of the disco era, was France's Don Ray. Don Ray was a major contributor to the early Cerrone and Alec R. Costandinos productions, along with being part of the classic disco outfit Kongas. Unfortunitely, this talented arranger and keyboardist only released one solo album, 1978's Garden of Love. That record produced the single's "Standing in the Rain" and "Got To Have Loving", which he's best known for, however the entire album is solid. There wasn't any follow-up release to his debut LP, and he spent most his time contributing to other artist's productions like Sumeria's Golden Tears and Revelacion's The House Of The Rising Sun. Even though Don Ray had a brief solo outing, his contributions to disco were huge and highly influential.

Don Ray - My Desire
Don Ray - Garden of Love

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Unknown said...

Love this album, especially for "Got to Have Lovin'", which I still play at parties. Funny story: Several years ago when Vaginal Davis did Club Sucker (the punque rock beer bust here in L.A.) with my buds Frank and Dale, she would bust out this tune during her early afternoon DJ set. Of course, she and I would geek out over it because we were the only ones in this crowd who knew/loved all of this eurodisco. While the song played, she would get on the mike and moan seductively, "Oh, Cerrrone! Cerrone. Cerrone! Oh, Cerrone!"

Oh yeah, Sumeria's "Golden Tears": highly underrated. Although nothing comes close to Alec R. Costandinos' "Romeo & Juliet" when it comes to "concept" disco albums, this album is noteworthy nonetheless.

Unknown said...

Wow, amazing to find somebody with
such a great taste in disco right here in seattle. Do you ever play out around here? I'm a house deejay myself, mainly of the funkier kind, but I have a great reverence for motown, soul, and disco.

I'll have to start dropping by here regularly. Here's the disco blog that I frequent the most:

You might know it, it's fairly well-known.


Pat Les Stache said...

Yes, I really enjoy your blog as well, I'll link you up in the next couple of days.

Right now I have two "Disco" nights - Club Cabana, which is the first Friday of the month at the Solo Bar (lower Queen Anne). The next one will be on November 2nd.

The other night I play on is called Circus!, which is the last Thursday of the month at Pony. The next one will be October 25th.

I'm also playing on the Roy Ayers show on October 16th(Next Tues.), which I'm really excited about.

I'm always looking to play out more, so if there are any nights that you know have openings, fill free to email me at Seattle needs more disco and house nights.

Keep in touch!

Basto said...

Vive la FRANCE :)

m.scholfield said...

Just found the Don Ray tune -Garden Of Love 7 it sure made my day!Never heard it before,so pleased to discover it!
Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

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