Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rhythm and Blues

Recently, I've really been enjoying Melvyn Price's funky Latin album Rhythm and Blues. This hard-to-find record was originally released in 1974, however thanks to the good people over at Wax Poetics, the album has become more easily available due to a recent reissue. Generally I'm not a big fan of reissues, however given the almost impossible-to-find nature of the release, this is certainly one reissue in my mind worth checking out. The record has an overall funky Afro-Cuban feel, with a heavy dose of solid conga based percussion rhythms from Price leading the way. Some of the highlight's include "Voodoo Love Dance", "Behind Kungsträdgarden", and "Toward Brazil" among others. Simply put, Rhythm and Blues is nothing less than an absolute Latin percussion masterpiece. Enjoy!

Melvyn Price - Behind Kungsträdgarden

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Anonymous said...

A totally killer album!!! I slept on thsi for ages, something about the cover just didn't connect with me.... I gotta stop trusting my graphic judgement!

Pat Les Stache said...

That makes sense. I was a little turned off a bit by the album artwork as well, however I have definitely come to realize that you certainly can't judge a record by it's cover. Plus the fact that Wax Poetics would release should give you reassurance that it's a great album.