Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Goodies From NYC

Well I just got back from New York, and I definately have mixed feelings about the city from this first visit. I had a fun time their checking out the city, walking close to 10 miles a day, checking out all the sites. I have to say though, I didn't feel like it was as good as some people make it out to be. For one there are far more record stores in SF and Seattle (Two cities I have spent a good amount of time in), and the city is extremely dirty. Maybe being from Seattle, which gets a shower once a week at least from the constant rain, I'm just not used to trash everywhere when I walk around. If you love your city so much, keep it clean. Overall the trip was fun and a wonderful experience. I did find a great record store, even though I felt liek they were a bit over priced at times in Second Hand Rose Music. I spent close to 7 hours in there digging through thousands of records and here is what I walked away with:
  • Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4
  • Giorgio Moroder - From Here To Eternity LP
  • Giorgio Moroder - E=MC^2 LP
  • Gino Soccio - Outline LP
  • Larry Levan's Greatest Mixes Volume Two LP
  • Walter Gibbon's Disco Madness LP
  • Kano - Now Baby Now/She's a Star 12"
  • Capricorn - Capricorn 12"
  • Capricorn - Pow Pow Pow / May Be No 12"
  • Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite LP
  • Demis Roussos - Demis Roussos LP
  • The Salsoul Orchestra - Nice 'N' Naasty LP
  • Hall & Oates - One and One/I Can't Go For That 12"
  • Eddie Murphy & Rick james - Party All The Time
  • First Choice - So Let Us Entertain You

And here are some tracks from those records:
Claudja Barry - Sweet Dynamite
Kano - She's a Star
First Choice - Gotta Get Away, From You Baby

...some pretty good finds.

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chris keys said...

Hey JT welcome back, sounds interesting your trip, I do love that city, but then when you come from South Africa its bound to blow your head off... please mail me (check my profile for address), I wanna ask you something...

M.E. Grant said...

It seems harder to find music stores in New York now. Even behemoths like Tower and HMV are gone now, as Virgin Megastores hang on. I know there are smaller niche shops, but I don't particularly venture to them just for vinyl. You were probably here long enough to spot people selling vinyl on the street. Whenever I do, I'm definitely tempted, though the condition is anyone's guess.

Mark said...

Hmm...I'm pretty sure that Manhattan has more record stores than SF or Seattle, there just isn't an easy way to find out about all of them. In the East Village alone there are at least 20 stores selling vinyl with none more than a 15 minute walk from another. I don't know the exact count but I wouldn't be surprised if there were closer to 150 throughout Manhattan.

As far as being dirty, it is unfortunate that it is not as clean as it could be but remember that you are dealing with a population of over 8 million people. Its just harder to keep up with that as compared to significantly smaller cities.

Unknown said...

Hey Man,

Really like this bog

My friends here in glasgow make music you might be into. Can i send you some stuff? can you send your email address to breschnev(at)gmail.com



Le roi textile de Suède est de retour said...

Oh dear, i had forgot how great that First Choice song is... thanks for reminding me.

♥ your blog.