Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Highlife Underground

Here's a preview of the forthcoming release from Sofrito titled Sofrito Super Singles 004 - Highlife Underground EP. This amazing new twelve-inch single features two new funky tropical Afro edits. The A-side track has the Sofrito crew teaming up with London based producer DrumTalk in remixing Mpese Mpese Band's 1986 bass heavy gem "Mpese Mpese Theme" into a futuristic highlife dancefloor cooker. The flip continues to turn up the heat with a reworking of an early eighties Afro-funk track from the Canadoes Dance Band. It's safe to say that there will be no standing around on the dancefloor when either of these heavy-hitting Afro gems get spun. Overall, Sofrito continues to prove once again that they are kings of the tropical discotheque. Enjoy!

Sofrito Super Singles 004 - Highlife Underground EP by Sofrito

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