Monday, April 13, 2009

Dream On...that's what they said

I unitl only recently came across Crystal Grass's 1976 disco gem "Dream On" and it's definitely safe to say that with one listen, I immediately fell in love with the sexy slow-tempo classic. I've been eager to hear more from the group every since I was introduced to their amazing 1974 loft-styled classic "Crystal World" a few years back. Many of the group's songs were produced by Lee Hallyday and arranged by French disco legend Don Ray (under the name Raymond Donnez). The track, "Dream On", is included on the group's second full-length album Dance Up A Storm which includes many other great tracks as well, including "I Sure Like The Change", "Fio Maravilha-Taj Mahal", "You Can Be What You Dream" and the interestingly titled "Lemme See Ya Gitchyer Thing Off, Baby - Hustle". Regardless, I've definitely come to the conclusion that Crystal Grass' best releases don't just start and stop with 1974's "Crystal World", offering plenty more with the slowed-down classic "Dream On" and the funky disco follow-up album Dance Up A Storm. Enjoy!

Crystal Grass - Dream On

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Thurston Howell III said...

This song is bloody smooth!

I can't wait to hear this one whilst drinking a caipirinha on my yacht in the Mediterranean this summer!

Kefalonia here I come!

Anonymous said...

Every day your blog is like a present to me. LOVE IT. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love this! Do you have the Dennis Parker lp? I have heard side A, but not side B. Could you do a post on side b?

Pat Les Stache said...


That was exactly was I was thinking! See you there!

Pat Les Stache said...

I do have the Dennis Parker record, however outside of "Like an Eagle", I think the record isn't so great. Maybe I'm wrong, however it just doesn't quite find the same magic that consists with "Like an Eagle".

Anonymous said...

I have all the 3 lp's by this group ,I highly recommend to get them all.

professor Eddy said...

'New York by night' is another classic from the Dennis Parker album. I love that track! I played it hundreds of times and I still can't get enough of it

Pat Les Stache said...

I'm kinda "iffy" on 'New York by night', but I can see a lot of people really enjoying the track.

H.M.A. said...

pat, the guy on this cover totes looks like you!

xo. T.

ps. new york by night, thumbs up. I'm a dancer...., blech!

Anonymous said...

I dont know why i come in this track to put my shit...!Karma?
You are the man bro!What a compilation!
Chiefgroove -atos ;)
Greetings from Greece!