Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tropical Disco Music

A great record, that fell a bit under the radar in my opinion, from last year was Sofrito's release of the Tropical Discotheque EP. This record, which has an overall "tropical disco" groove, consists of four solid re-edits comprised originally from some rare and obscure African and Caribbean disco finds. From the Ghana disco-funk flavored "African Disco Power" to the Cuban boogie cut "Disco La Calle", this record can definitely get any "tropical" dancefloor moving. I unfortunitely couldn't hunt down the original artists that are featured on the EP, so I would appreciate anyone that can help in that regard. However, with that being said, I definitely recommend checking out and picking-up the record if you come across one of the last remaining copies that still remain out there in stores. I also highly recommend checking out the Sofrito website when you get a free chance. They have posted some very funky latin and afro-beat rarities that you probably won't hear anywhere. Enjoy!

Sofrito Specials - African Disco Power (Sofrito Re-edit)

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Joe said...

"Calypso Path" is also an incredible jam

Anonymous said...

Woah .. this is NICE! Thanks for posting this. Going to hit the record store after work to try and cop a copy.

Anonymous said...

Tropical Discothèque Deluxe! ;)

Jimmy Morgan said...

Would be really interested in hearing the Atlantic Conveyor rework. Any chance of posting? Thanks

Pat Les Stache said...

Hey Jimmy,

I can see if I can get that edit up there for you soon.