Monday, February 22, 2010

Afro Choco

Today I'm sharing one of the three re-edits from the upcoming release of Cabana Disco Vol.04. We are still a little ways off from the actual release date, however the new record excites me so much that I can't hold back any further. The fourth record in the series picks up where the last one left off with a very heavy Afro Disco underlining theme. The three edits will consist of Buari's "Advice From Father", Black Soul's "Dakar Sound" (which I choose over "Black Soul Music"), and today's featured edit in Chocolat's "African Choco". Like the previous Cabana Disco records the edits are full of tropical jungle sounds over heavy funky grooves and vocal chants. Just enough to keep the jungle safari dancin' throughout the night! Enjoy!

Chocolat's - African Choco (Pat Les Stache Re-Edit)

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Anonymous said...

Just...Great!!! Thanks for this wonderful track :) ...+ your blog is stunning! Patrice (Paris-France)

Anonymous said...

ha! hey TJ! it's Rian from Seattle Opera. how cool that i found you on hype machine! nice work!

jmatt said...

cant wait for the vinyl!

the saucer people said...

Must have been a hard choice with the Black Soul tracks, I hope your edit of "Black Soul Music" (my favourite Black Soul track) see's the light of day at some point. I managed to finally get a copy of the 1977 album and god, the funk just drips out of the speakers!
Just boppin & a groovin to the 1978 Chocolat's re-edit, next to "El Caravanero" and Tom Moulton's epic re-working of "The King Of Clubs", this is my favourite Chocolat's track so huge applause all round, I can see that Cabana Disco Volume 4 is going to attack the dancefloor like a cosmic afro bulldozer!