Thursday, August 04, 2011

It's Your World

I know I recently just posted a track from Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson (See The Message, however I haven't been able to get their 1976 live version of "It's Your World" out of my head ever since I picked up their live LP when I was visiting New Orleans. The funky gem is the title track to their live It's Your World album which also includes live renditions of Gil Scott-Heron classic cuts like "Home is Where the Hatred Is", "Possum Slim", as well as a twelve-minute version of "The Bottle". The live and at times, improvised instrumentation, brings some nice energy to what was already great studio tracks. It's hard to top The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and Winter in America, however It's Your World might just be my favorite Gil Scott-Heron release. Highly recommended!!!

Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson - It's Your World

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Anonymous said...

One of my alltime favourites :)

b2v said...

hey man thanks for all those amazing music you put ! keep up !

Anonymous said...

hey amazing sounds on your blog thx !
Huge fan of Gil Scott-Heron for so many years, tried to group documents & tributes on this site It might interest you ;)

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