Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Natural Juices

For the rest of the week I'll actually be in Seattle working, therefore I'm going to keep the next three posts fairly short. Here is an amazing track titled "Crache La Douleur" by Fanga for all those Afro-beat lovers. This heavy-hitting funky cut was released a couple of years ago on the group's Natural Juice LP. The track features legandary Africa 70 drummer Tony Allen and in my opinion, is one of the best 'nu-school' Afro-beat songs produced. That being said, if you find yourself loving "Crache La Douleur", then I highly recommend checking out Natural Juice and some of the group's other offerings. When it comes to the new batch of Afro-beat groups, it might not get any better than Fanga. Enjoy!

Fanga - Crache La Douleur

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