Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Need The Sunlight

Today, I've definately been in a Arthur Russell mood, so thought I would share some obscure or "hard-to-find" songs that I've been enjoying as of late. First is one of the B-side tracks on 1984's 12-inch disco single Tiger Stripes by Felix (Arthur Russell & Nicky Siano), entitled "You Can't Hold Me Down". This Killer Whale (Arthur Russell) re-edit of the self-titled track "Tiger Stripes" features a new arrangement to the original along, including more of a funk guitar and percussion pressence. Second, is Arthur Russell's collaboration with jazz musician Peter Gordon on Gordon's 1986 LP Innocent. The song entitled, "That Hat" includes vocals by Arthur himself, while Peter Gordon lays down a nasty saxophone solo. Finally, I also included the dub version of Lola's (Lola Blank, Bob Blank, & Arthur Russell) of "Wax The Van", off of it's 1987 Jump Street Records release. This is a more instrumental stripped down version of the orginal that we all love so much. For any Arthur Russell fan, these songs are definately worht having.

Felix - You can't hold me down (long version)
Arthur Russell & Peter Gordon - That Hat
Lola - Wax the Van (Jon's Dub)

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Bobby Calabrese (aka DJ BWYSE) said...

Thanks alot!!! I am a huge Artur Russell fan. Appreciate the site and the obscuros. Peace

Kniven said...

Thank you!!

U-Tern said...

Love your blog mang, add me to your links.

Keep it up!

Simon said...

Jon's Dub was always the best mix on the single IMO

E-Heavy said...

nice blog dude. love sleeping bag. love arthur russel keep up the great work.

Mike said...

Any chance for a reup on "That Hat"?