Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Benin's Godfather of Funk

Daptone Records has just released an incredible retrospective release paying tribute to the Benin funk legend El Rego. Rego (full name Theophile Do "El" Rego), along with his band Ses Commandos released a number of priceless gems during the sixties and seventies that helped kick start Benin's culturally rich funk movement that produced other great artists like Gnonnas Pedro, Antoine Dougbé, T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou, and others. On this new retrospective release, Daptone Records has compiled a diverse selection of El Rego's greatest songs including "Feeling You Got", "Djobime", "Hessa", "E Nan Mian Nuku" and "Do Do Baya". The record really does a nice job of showcasing the diverse sound of El Rego's music which includes elements of funk, soul, traditional African rhythms, and Afrobeat grooves. This release is not only a tribute to El Rego, but an important look into Benin's explosive music scene during the sixties and seventies. I couldn't recommend this record enough! Daptone Records has done a great service to all by providing an accessible and affordable way for many to explore the legend that is El Rego. Enjoy!

El Rego - Zon Dede

Purchase Daptone Record's new El Rego retrospective release by clicking here.

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