Friday, October 28, 2011

The Soul of Africa

Let's end the week with a selection from one of my favorite African jazz records "Soul of Africa" which was a collaborative effort between saxophonist Hal Singer and pianist Jef Gilson. The album, which was originally released back in 1974 and later re-issued by Kindred Spirits, features a number of amazing Afro-centric jazz tracks including "Mother Africa", "Liberation", "Garvey's Strut", and my personal favorite "Chant Inca". With the original almost impossible to find, this is one re-issue definitely worth picking up. For those that enjoy this album I highly recommend checking out some of Gilson's other work including Malagasy, Malagasy At Newport-Paris, Le Massacre Du Printemps, Œil Vision, as well as the recent "Best of" release Jazzman Records put out this year. Enjoy!

Hal Singer & Jef Gilson - Chant Inca

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