Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now Try To Find Me

In case you haven't heard, the label Golf Channel Recordings has been on a tear, releasing some quality mixes and superb twelves as of late. One of those amazing releases comes in the form of a recent mix titled, Try To Find Me Vol.02, which was put together by former !!! and Outhud member Justin Vandervolgen. This brilliant mix brings together an eclectic group of artists and tracks that bridge a wide range of sub-genres including disco, funk, deep house, and techno. One track on the mix that has just about caught every one's attention is the second track "Get To My Baby". An extended version of this funky track, which is actually a re-edit(I haven't been able to pin-point the original as of yet), was put together by the tag-team duo Vandervolgen and nu-disco mastermind Lee Douglas in a group called TBD. This extended version of the edit found it's way onto vinyl as a white label twelve shortly after the full mix of Try To Find Me Vol.02 was released. As you might imagine, this record didn't take long to get snatched up in stores. At this point, the twelve is practically already out-of-print and you might have a little bit of an easier time tracking down Try To Find Me Vol.02, which is in CD format. Overall, Vandervolgen with the help of Lee Douglas, have provided us with both a superb new mix as well a brilliant new disco edit. Enjoy!

TBD - Get To My Baby (TBD extension)

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Anonymous said...

Like this.

thank you.

soulie said...

Killer!!! Many thanks for posting this, Pat

Anonymous said...

it's not really a white label, seeing as the record has no label whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the vocals are by none other than Johnnie Taylor...In fact his vocals were also taken to make LoLas theme from his original track "What about my love".
At least I think it's Johnnie !

Come visit me at my place...I think you might enjoy it Stashman,

Anonymous said...

I was right...I ripped the album about 3 months ago and the track you are looking for is in it.
Gimme a shout if you want the original track.
You can find how to get in touch with me at my blog...

Pat Les Stache said...

Thanks for the info DJ COLOURZONE. That certainly helps clear things up a bit.

Anonymous said...

So Pat did you find the track ???
I have a 320K rip of it if you can't find it.
Just email me and I will link it to Mediafire or something.
My email is on my profile at

Pat Les Stache said...

Hey DJ Colourzone,

I did find a copy of the original. Thanks again for offering and sharing info about the song, it's much appreciated.