Monday, October 22, 2007

The Complete Golden Tears LP

As per request, here is the entire concept LP Golden Tears by Sumeria, for a limited time only. Enjoy one of the greatest cosmic disco records of all-time.

Sumeria - Golden Tears LP (1977)
01.Dance And Leave it All Behind You
02.The Ecounters
03.Cosmic Traveller
04.Somewhere, Elsewhere
05.Love Me Now
06.The Man From the Stars
07.Why Must There Be an End
08.Golden Tears

PS -I highly recommend listening to these tracks in the order that they are listed.

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RayJay said...

Oh Man, Thanks for taking the time to up this. Been waiting a long time for this,and can't wait to hear it. This is very rare, and I thank U for sharing this with all of us in your blog. Good looking out

Unknown said...

Thanks so much!

Jimmy said...

Thank you so much!

osses said...

Another great Costandinos work...lately veryyy forgotten...Wonder if you have maybe some Paris Connection or Maybe Judas iscariot things?

big up from polish eurodisco lover!

CB said...

thanks for posting this lp. I'm a big alec c fan. thanks again. cb

acidbearboy said...

Been listening to this quite a bit recently, fantastic stuff - many thanks!

acidbearboy said...
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Unknown said...

While the links to the tracks are no longer working, I want to thank you for posting them originally and for the photo of the original album artwork on the Raal label. I had this LP many years ago and much prefer the import LP cover to the American one.

El Isabelino said...

Hey thanks a lot for this 1.Big fan of Don Ray here.Greetings from Puerto Rico.

Anonymous said...

hey, just wanted to give you shout and thank you for this awesome blog. its been a good introduction to awesome music. i've always enjoyed disco to some extant, but never really had a deep knowledge of it outside of certain really well know artists such as Chic. finding blogs like yours and Beat Electric (who i found you through) have been a real ear opening experience to me. i never realized just how broad the disco genre could be, and how varied it can be in sound.

thank you.

mintiejellie at hotmail dot com

ps. the link for track 7 is broken. would it be any trouble to fix it?

Anonymous said...

btw, i found the problem in the link. if anyone else is looking to dl this album, copy and paste into your url box. the link is broken because the blogger forgot the /sumeria/ part of the url. ;)

thank you again for the awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i own this very special album but it was worn out on my turntable, so i was very excited to find it on your page. But for completion i need #7: Why Must There Be an End, it is not available due to an error 404. If it is possible, can you fix it?
Best regards and THX,
An onymous