Monday, July 23, 2007


The server that I use, which is now very very lame, has decided to delete all "linked - copyright mp3's" from their servers once a month, so that's why most of the files on this blog were deleted while I was on vacation. As you can imagine, I'm very upset and plan on finding other ways in getting these files to stay up on the internet longer. So basically the songs on this site will stay up for about a month (we'll see?). I will be spending the next couple of days putting up the songs that I had posted for the past month and looking for a new hosting service. If anybody knows of a hosting service or a 3rd party service that I won't have these issues with, please comment or email me at and let me know. If you see a previously posted song that has a broken link, I most likely have a back-up stored on my computer and I can send to individuals through private email. I apoligize for this "low ball" action by my soon-to-be former hosting company. I will get these issues worked out.

Look for new post tomorrow!

-American Athlete

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JW said...

I can give you an FTP account on my server. Drop me an email.

Anonymous said...

just browse, upload and post, easy as pie.

fio Abril said...

I use Box. There are some costs involved but at least the files stay on the net. I also use for sharing files for work