Friday, August 24, 2007

Cosmic Voyagers

Kano could be considered of the greatest, if not the greatest or most well-known "italo-disco" groups. With popular club tracks like "I'm Ready", "It's A War", "Now Baby Now" and many others, Kano owned the underground dancefloor of the early eighties. In 1980, Kano released one of my favorite italo tracks of all-time with "Ahjia". This classic dancefloor cut first appeared in 1980 as a 7-inch single before making it's way onto Kano's classic self-titled LP debut, Kano. Both the 7-inch and the LP were released on multiple labels, including Full Time Records and Emergency Records. Kano continued to produce great italo-disco until their demise in 1983 with solid LP releases like, 1981's New York Cake and 1983's Another Life, along with classic singles like "Don't Try To Stop Me" and "I Need Love". It's safe to say that Kano successfully put their imprint on dance music forever.

Kano - Ahjia (Extended Mix)

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Brian said...

Kano rock the shit, thank you!

Nicole said...
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Allen said...
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Unknown said...

you've got one the best blogs, mate, and kano does rock the shit