Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Disco Dancer

In 1977, the legendary West End Records released the classic disco 12-inch Disco Dance by Michele. This Tom Moulton mixed single was the follow-up to her successful debut single Can't You Feel It, which was released earlier that same year. Her second single, Disco Dance was a bit more upbeat, providing to be a "disco dancefloor stomper". The 12-inch single was also presented with a thirteen-minute plus reworking by San francisco's finest, Patrick Cowley. West End Records liked Cowley's mix so much that they decided to put it as the A Side of the single, while using the original mix as the B Side. Both singles were later released that year as a part of Michele's debut full length Magic Love. The "Disco Dance" track has also recently resurfaced in West End Record's '06 documentary, Gay Sex In The 70's. A classic among disco classics.

Michelle - Disco Dance (Mega Mix)

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