Thursday, July 03, 2008

Off Track Once Again!

London's BBE Music has released some of my favorite records the past few years. From Dimitri From Paris's Cocktail Disco and Disco Forever compiliations, to The Million Dollar Orchestra's Better Days LP and Jerome Derrajdi's The American Boogie Down, BBE Music has consistly been supplying rare and classic disco, funk, and boogie gems for our newer generation. This past month, they added another great release to their ever expanding catalogue with Kon & Amir's 2nd Off Track Series release, titled Off Track Volume 2: Queens. This new compliation features some very rare disco and boogie treasures, including Venise's "Don't Think About it", Phillip And Lloyd's "Keep On Moving", Trama's "Straight Groove", as well as some solid edits bof Sweet Touch's "Live It Up", Sparkle's "Let Yourself Go ", and Wood Brass And Steel Band's "Long Live Music". These titles, individually, could cost quite a lot on your pocket book, however, once again BBE Music releases another solid compilation in Kon & Amir's Off Track Volume 2: Queens that puts them all in one very fitting and convient place. BBE releases tend to move fast, so I highly recommend picking up a copy while supplies last.

Phillip And Lloyd - Keep On Moving
(from Kon & Amir's 'Off Track Volume 2: Queens' compilation)

Now go buy the record!

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