Friday, July 11, 2008

Shake Your Tamborine

Another classic disco project that spawned out of the Greg Carmichael-Patrick Adams-Leroy Burgess connection was The Universal Robot Band. This disco project produced many classic cuts like "Barely Breakin' Even", "Dance and Shake Your Tamborine", "Freak With Me", and "Doing Anything Tonight" to name just a few. The group released two full-length records during it's short existence with 1977's Dance and Shake Your Tamborine and 1978's Freak In The Light Of The Moon, both being very solid and having that signature disco sound that Carmichael, Adams, and Burgess became known for. Rack-up another fine production from this legendary disco team.

The Universal Robot Band - Dance and Shake Your Tamborine
The Universal Robot Band - Doing Anything Tonight

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1 comment:

trees said...

been digging on the URB for a while-- such excellent stuff!