Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot Jungle Drums & Voodoo Rhythm

One of my favorite disco cuts for quite sometime has been D.C. LaRue's 1979 classic "Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm" off of his album Forces Of The Night. Throughout LaRue's career, the American disco singer has released some solid disco classics including 1976's "Ca-The-Drals", 1978's "Let Them Dance", and "Do You Want The Real Thing ", among many others. However, I think with "Hot Jungle Drums..." LaRue really hits the "nail on the head" with this hi-energy disco classic. The song was also released as a twelve-inch single through Casablanca Records, which featured an extended version of the track. And on a side note, one of the biggest fans of the song at the time of release was movie star actress Jane Fonda, whom recommended having the song put on her first Jane Fonda Workout Book. Overall, "Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm" is an amazing track that can work nicely at those peek dancefloor moments and just another amazing classic produced and written by D.C. LaRue.

D.C. LaRue - Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm

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1 comment:

professor Eddy said...

Good track. I like 'Cathedrals' from him as well. When I first heard that one, I thought the singer was a woman...