Thursday, August 28, 2008

Journey Into Paradise

Lately I've been getting into the disco group Paradise Express. This disco project was made up of the husband and wife musical tag-team of Vi-Ann and Herb Jimmerson, along with a string of other backing musicians and vocalists including Izora Rhodes and Martha Wash from Two Tons of Fun. In just a few short years during the late 1970's, Paradise Express recorded and released numerous disco classics like "Dance", "Let's Fly", "You Set Me On Fire" and "We Are One", as well as two solid full-length LP's in 1978's sel-titled debut Paradise Express and Let's Fly the following year. They were one of the many outstanding disco groups being put out by Fantasy Records during that time. Even though this group had a very short existence, Paradise Express, in my opinion, remains to be one of my favorite groups, next to Sylvester and Two Tons of Fun, from the Fantasy label.

Paradise Express - We Are One
Paradise Express - You Set Me On Fire

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professor Eddy said...

Nice surprise, those two tracks, never heard them before.