Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taken' It Easy

I'm pretty exhausted today, which seems to always be the case 'the day after' every STUDIO! night. So instead of rambling off a lot of info, I'll just share a disco classic with Easy Going's 1978 version of "Suzie Q". This is just one of the many classic cuts from the legendary italo disco group's brilliant and influential career. And even though I think Easy Going got better with future releases, "Suzie Q" remains to be one of my early favorites from the group. On a side note, the artwork to the self-titled release must be one of the best I've seen to date.

Easy Going - Suzy Q

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Anonymous said...

I find it rather amusing that you feel they got better over time. I personally feel that their material suffered after the debut. Somehow it lost it's spark and became a bit too drab for my tastes. Either way, Suzy Q is definitely a heater along with 'Fear' and 'Go Away Little Girl.' Props!

Pat Les Stache said...

I agree that 'Fear' and 'Go Away Little Girl' are two of their best tracks however they did come after the 1978 debut LP, proving my point they got better over time.