Wednesday, October 22, 2008

He's Speedy Like Gonzales

I'm looking forward to tonight's 'Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell After Party', and here is a classic disco cut, "He's Speedy Like Gonzales" by Passengers to get you in the mood for tonight. This track, which has really been growing on me for the past few months, was originally released on Passengers 1979 Girls Cost Money LP and was arranged by the legendary Celso Valli, whom was also the mind behind Tantra, Azoto, and some of the Macho classics. Overall, the Girls Cost Money record is pretty solid, I probably could of choose a number of tracks to post including the italo grooving Hot Leather opener. That being said, here is "He's Speedy Like Gonzales", a song that has been on constant repeat the past few months on my ipod.

Passengers - He's Speedy Like Gonzales

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Anonymous said...

Hi TJ, great pick! One of my favorite italo-disco songs ever.
The "Girls Cost Money" LP is undoubtedly a solid effort by Celso Valli's multifaceted talent, and it really sounds terrific.

"He's Speedy Like Gonzales" is "the" killer track, but "Hot Leather"'s over-ten-minutes disco groove - with its great spacey, fade-in effect and incessant deep bass - deserves kudos too.

Nice cover art, with - second from right - the late Kim Arena, who used to perform live here in Milan during his post-disco, blues-oriented career.

Unfortunately, many protagonists of those days - as Barrabas' Fernando Arbex - aren't with us anymore, but their music keeps on standing as a source of inspiration for those who loved them.

Keep up the good work,

- Dr. Sven -

Unknown said...

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