Monday, November 10, 2008

Best Disco Re-Edits?

Who Does the Best Disco Re-edits?

Vote on American Athlete's new reader poll located at the bottom right corner of this blog.

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pipecock said...

neither of my choices are even on the list?! it doesnt get better than Theo Parrish and Ron Hardy for me. out of that list i'll have to go with Danny Krivit.

beta said...

i voted for Mr. K as well even though he doesn't belong. the man and his body of work is so far above the others on this list, it's laughable. his edit of "Bra" alone outweighs Terje's entire discography. none of the other contenders would even exist without the man.
that said, where's Harvey, Thom Bullock, Prince Language, Betty Botox, Pilooski?

Pat Les Stache said...

"Harvey, Thom Bullock, Prince Language, Betty Botox, Pilooski, Theo Parrish, Ron Hardy?"

-I love all those guy's work and considered putting them on the list, however, I guess I went with some producers whom have been very active as of late. If I would of put every good remixer on the list, it would probably be about 100 names.

We will do another poll with some of the names I left off (and the winner of this poll) after this one is over to satisfy the masses!

Premini said...

I would say In Flagranti, imho the sounds superb series contained the finest edits of the year.

pipecock said...

interesting that Terje would have such a huge lead. i've never liked a single edit he's done. Prince Language is definitely another good one! most of the edits i own are on Editions Disco, Moxie, Ugly Edits, and Magick Edit AllStars. yes, you can tell i havent bought many (if any!) edits this year at all. or even last year, really.

Pat Les Stache said...

There's been a couple of great recently released Moxie and Magick Edit Allstars twelve-inches, including the brand new Moxie edit of Donald Byrd's "Love Has Come Around", which they re-named "Feels So Good".

lil'Dave514 said...

Danny Krivit All the Way.

It's not even fair to put the others up against him 'cause he's the king of edits.

I have to say that I love Terje's shit too I've been getting into him more over the last couple of years.