Monday, December 15, 2008

They Can Fill Ca-The-Drals

I don't have a lot of time today, however I won't leave you hanging. Here is one of my favorite D.C. LaRue tracks, and probably his most known classic, "Cathedrals". This was the title track to LaRue's 1976 LP, Ca-The-Drals. Greg Wilson recently did a nice edit of it, featured on the first Disco Deviance 12". Enjoy!

D.C. LaRue - Cathedrals

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Unknown said...

Masterpiece Cathedrals! ;D


Leiloca Pantoja

jerome green said...

Hi TJ,

Meriden & New Haven, Connceticut IN THE HOUSE! My hometown & my family's hometown, childhood stomping grounds of D.C. Larue (and my birth initials are D.C. too). Crazy! Thanks for posting the true classic Ca-The-Drals.

Lots of Love & Peace,