Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sensual Sounds of Spring Rain

This weekend I went to a local record show and walked away with some solid disco finds, which I will continue to share here in the coming weeks ahead. One of those solid finds was Silvetti's classic 1977 disco album "Spring Rain". This is one of those records that I have been meaning to purchase for quite sometime however never came across. That being said, the wait was worth it because I picked-up a used copy for a cheap price of four dollars. This record, which consists of Bebu Silvetti's best work, includes the classic disco gem "Spring Rain", as well as other solid album cuts like "Primitive Man", and "Voyage Of No Return". The record was released off of Salsoul Records and given the proper mixing treatment from Tom Moulton (whom else?). Regardless, I can finally cross this classic disco record off my forever growing and never-ending wishlist.

Silvetti - Spring Rain
Silvetti - Primitive Man

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Anonymous said...

I heard Dimitri from Paris play in Tokyo some years back (circa 2002-2003). There was a Japanese DJ who opened for him, Muro was his name I think. He played a lot of obscure disco oldies, including Spring Rain. Another left field song that he played that I love, Gary Criss' "Amazon".

Anonymous said...

Spring Rain. Will never get tired of this track. Thanks for the post. The divshare works great. Don