Thursday, May 07, 2009

Do you speak French? Parlez-vous Français?

First off, I unfortunately don't, however, here is a clever-themed late 70's disco track, entitled "Do You Speak French", from the French disco group Nite School. This song which was written and produced by Jean Kluger has a distinctive French disco sound that many other AVI Records releases, most notably the Rinder and Lewis produced disco group El Coco, possess. Overall, a solid twelve-inch to hunt down and add to your record collection, especially if your a French disco enthusiast like myself. Enjoy!

Nite School - Do You Speak French?

NOTE: Instead of posting the less interesting twelve-inch sleeve, I thought I would get artistic and make a minimal collage from some 70's French Magazine scraps. I hope you like it!

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benjimite said...

Nice stipples

professor Eddy said...

Yeah, the picture is cool!

Anonymous said...

Pat when are you going to come over and teach me some french?

Nicolas Drosos said...

The actual song which is the A side is really gorgeous. The download you provide though, is the B side which is the instrumental version entitled "There's no girl like my girl". Aside this little detail, I really enjoy your selected posts. Keep up the good work.