Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moods & Grooves

I've mentioned before on this site that occasionally I like to re-post certain songs, especially if the original post was featured a while ago. That certainly is the case with today's featured track in Ju-Par Universal Orchestra's funky 1976 track "Flute Salad", which was featured on this site about two years ago. I've been a huge fan of the song ever since I first came across the song and the group's album Moods & Grooves a few years ago in a Seattle record store. To this day I very much regret not splurging and buying the expensive used original because I haven't seen a copy of the record since. That being said, "Flute Salad" is just one of many great tracks from the mid-seventies album which also includes funky cuts like "Funky Music", "Time", "Chicago Calypso", and "Mocha Velvet" to name a few. As I find myself constantly expanding my boundaries musically, I find myself enjoying Moods & Grooves even more than what I did a few years ago. The record nicely blends jazz, funk, soul, and even a touch of Latin grooves together to produce an absolutely brilliant masterpiece. I just hope that the "Vinyl Gods" will be kind and someday present me with another opportunity to purchase the album. Enjoy!

Ju-Par Universal Orchestra - Flute Salad

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professor Eddy said...

The best track of the album! It has some disco elements as well, a bit like Love Unlimited Orchestra

BklynRob said...

Love this track! That (I think) clavinet at the beginning does it for me every time!