Thursday, April 22, 2010

Freedom No Go Die

I recently did a write-up on the amazing new album from Canada's very own The Souljazz Orchestra. Well, here is the title track off their 2007 album Freedom No Go Die. This record could be considered the first release that gained worldwide attention with funky Afrobeat cuts like "Mista President", "The Blind Leading The Blind", "Mugambi" and of course "Freedom No Go Die". With all the attention that the group has recently received by the new album Rising Sun, the good people over at Do Right! Music, which originally released Freedom No Go Die, have made the early album more available by doing a recent repressing of the record which you can purchase here. Overall, it's a great record and an early insight into what has been an amazing trail of brilliant music that has continued to follow this very talented group. Enjoy!

The Souljazz Orchestra - Freedom No Go Die

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Chaz J said...

Summer's here and the time is right for....Afrobeat!