Monday, June 28, 2010

Street Player

I'm going to start off the week with another personal favorite in Chicago's disco gem "Street Player". Say what you want about the seventies/eighties soft rock band (am I'm sure there is plenty to say), however this 1979 single has "disco classic" written all over it. This song was obviously a result of the group trying to cash in, as many bands did at the time, on all the disco craziness that surrounded the final years of the seventies. This nine-plus minute track has a number of fine disco "breaks", and has consistently been a signature track that I like to play out when deejaying. My favorite part about playing this track out is the reaction I get from those people who ask me, "Who is this playing?", and I respond "Chicago". Enjoy!

Chicago - Street Player

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soulie said...

Although not a Chicago fan i also like this gem ,but try an earlier tune "25 or 6to4"it really was a gritty punchy sought of funk number,and still well worth playing/listening to today.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Dope Gonzales (Bucketheads) made a big hit in 1995 by sampling street player.

great blog btw.
Vincent Amsterdam