Wednesday, March 23, 2011


One of my favorite releases of last year was Space Ranger's cosmic disco twelve-inch single "Nightmoves". This futuristic nu disco gem was one of the many solid singles this German group, which is made up of Felix Stecher , Florian Pflueger , Severino Spadavecchia, released during this past year in preparation for their upcoming debut full-length effort off of the Madrid-based label Lovemonk, which will come out later this year. The song has a nice dancefloor friendly groove supplied with some superb vocals from Captain K that at times is very reminiscent of an early DFA records-sounding track (and that's a good thing). The single features solid remixes by both Blacklodge and Pional, as well as an instrumental and acapella version of the track. On a side note, you have to also love the record sleeves artwork, which portrays a life size image of an astronauts head. With all of that being said, Space Ranger rounded out what turned out to be a very busy year, with a well produced cosmic dancefloor gem.

Space Ranger - Nightmoves

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Anonymous said...

Since I first heard Supermax through your site, I'm a little surprised you didn't mention Kurt's recent passing.