Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Enjoy the Boogie

A while ago I featured a track off the amazing, yet less known, compilation Rare Afro & Caribbean Funk Volume 2 (See Afro-Caribbean Funk. Today I thought I would post one of the many gems from the compilation series' first volume in Oby Onyioha's Afro boogie cut "Enjoy Your Life". This funky gem was originally featured on Onyioha's 1981 album I Want To Feel Your Love and features a solid disco groove throughout the track. Overall, just another superb cut from what I find is one of the most slept-on and well-crafted compilation series. Enjoy! (No pun intended)

Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life

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Party Dad said...

Yeah, LOVE this one! Always gets em moving! There's a nice faithful edit of it on the first Afro Boogie Edits 12", too.

soulie said...



twza69 said...

such a beautiful track, You´ll also find it here:
Kon & Amir Present Off Track Volume III: Brooklyn

deep structure said...

such a great tune for starting up a day ! thnx