Tuesday, May 30, 2006

For The Time Being

Me and Tiger Stripe are leaving tomorrow for a week to visit family members and monuments in Washington, DC, so I won't be able to update this site for about 7 days. But I'm not going to leave you hanging like that. I put together the most random selection of "dance" or "kinda dance" songs to tie you over until I get back. I'm reposting the new Morgan Geist song because I got some requests for that, along with the amazing new italo-edit from The Flying Squad(DFA's Tim Sweeney). And always providing the classics with the italo-disco jam "Penguin's Invasion" by Scotch or "The everything you need to know about Chicago house music" "This is Acid" by Maurice.

I'm afraid of flying (how does something that big fly in the air?), so I'm pretty nervous right now. If your going to be in Sacramento on Saturday, Vicious will be the only place to be, so go "nerd out" with those crazy dance kids. Oh well, see you when I get back.

pace yourself:
Morgan Geist - Most of All (feat. Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys)
Afrika Bambaataa - Breaker's Revenge
The Flying Squad(Tim Sweeney of DFA) - Trip one
Alden Tyrell - Hills of Honolulu
Erlend Øye - Ghost Train (feat. Morgan Geist)
Maurice - This is Acid
Scotch - Penguin's Invasion

PS - Go check out Tiger Stripe, for more good stuff!

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juggler said...
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juggler said...

nice selection there! yr blog is quickly becoming one of my favs.
any chance you have an mp3 of Trip 2 (the b-side)? i tried to rip from the vinyl but it ended up with a horrible hissing crackling noise.. haha and would you happen to know a good (free) vinyl to mp3 conversion software?

juggler said...

erh sorry double comment. haha dunno how that happened

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