Friday, May 26, 2006

Franz could have it so much better...

Lindstrom, Isolee, JD TwitchFranz Ferdinand's last album might be a "hit or miss", however I found some light at the end of the tunnel with their recent releases of great remix's from Lindstrom, Isolee, JD Twitch, Ewan Pearson, Erol Alkman, and Justice. Each remix is amazing in a completely different way from each other. The songs represent the best side of each producer's marquee sound. It makes me think that Franz should skip the major corporate producer for the next album, and seek someone in their very own backyard of ever growing production talent.

Don't hate it until you try it:
Franz Ferdinand - I'm your villian (Lindstrom Extended Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Outsiders (Isolee Remix)
Franz Ferdinand - Outsiders (JD Twitch Optimo Re-freak)

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