Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Italian Robots in Space

Every time I walk into a club, there are two songs that I have never heard played, that I know I'm just dying to hear. Introducing Charlie's "Spacer Woman", and Peter Richard's "Walking in the Neon", two italo HI-NRG disco classics that never seem to get old. I know, I know, maybe if I was at one of Patrick Cowley's parties or night clubs, my wish would be completely fullfilled. However, for now I think I'm going to have to settle for spinning those records alone in my apartment, at least until I can build a space machine that can take me back to that era of music (I think there is an Italo Disco song about that specific subject somewhere). Oh well, for more info on Italo Disco, which is something I just discovered in the past year (I'm hella late!), Wikipedia has a great and quite disturbing intro to the music genre:

Enjoy these gems:
Charlie - Spacer Woman
Peter Richard - Walking in the Neon(Club Version)

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