Saturday, May 06, 2006

There May Be Dark Days Ahead

Alden Tyrell
My latest obsession has to be the music of Clone recording artist Alden Tyrell. First of all, anyone putting out records with either Clone or Viewlexx, must be worthing of a listen. This is the man of modern classics like Love explosion, Phaze me, Disco Lunar Module, and Obsession. Some of you might know him from his re-editing work of Unit 4's "Bodydub" or Klapto's italo disco classic "Mister Game". Either way if you can get your hands on any of his classic 12-inches, I definately recommend doing it. Here are some samples to get you started (Yes, your day just got better):

Alden Tyrell - Voyagers End
Alden Tyrell - Rendezvous At Rimini

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1 comment:

slimsk said...

* Italo Disco
* Chicago House
* Detroit Techno
* Early 80's New York House and No Wave
* Norweigen House
* New Order
* Arthur Russell
* Carl Craig
* Lindstrom
* Frankie Knuckles
* DFA records

u sound a bit like me :-))

any chance of getting any of the older tracks hosted?

massive thanks - great work!