Tuesday, May 16, 2006

WhoMade Tom Barfod

Tomas Barfod, is well known on the Get Physical roster for his modern disco grooves, and with releases as Tom Boy and his live band WhoMadeWho on Gomma. Even though I favor with WhoMadeWho as the best of his projects, I think a person can't turn their back on the great production of his solo work. "Barsebäck" has a warm old skool Detroit techno feel with moody sequencers, layers of percussion and snatches of melody that taste of the night. The second song posted, "Trancer", well, is exactly that- "a trance through space".

Get Your Full Body Workout:
Tomas Barfod - Barsebäck
Tomas Barfod - Trancer

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