Monday, June 26, 2006

Coming on Stronger

And Snap Your NeckUnited Kingdom's Hot Chip recently released their sophmore album The Warning on DFA/EMI. This is one of those situations that I think the record label dropped the ball by not releasing it sooner. Everyone I knew, had the new album downloaded to their trusty iPOD's since February if not sooner. Therefore making the release of The Warning not an exciting moment. However, what is exciting is how good this record actually is. I believe this record blows away the debut album Coming on Strong, and produces songs that can shake a dance floor (i.e. "Over & Over", "Arrest Yourself") and also consist of great pop songs(i.e."Colours", "Look After Me"). The Warning is by far one the more solid releases of 2006.

Two Songs that you won't find on the The Warning, is the amazing Erol Alkan(No Introduction needed) remix of "Boy From School", which is a beautifull rendition of an already great song, and the unreleased track "What You Find Strange" that found it's way on a tour only EP All Filler, No Killer. Even though these songs won't be included on The Warning, I highly reccommend buying the new album.

Hot Chip - Boy From School (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework)
Hot Chip - What You Find Strange

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