Monday, July 17, 2006

Planet Craig

Carl Craig was a key player in Detroit techno's second wave, as Ben Wallace was a defender for the Detroit Pistons. Using a number of aliases to release innovative ambient, techno, breakbeat and future jazz sounds, Craig heads the peerless dance label Planet E Communications. With releases under BFC, Psyche, Paper Clip People, 69, Designer Music and Innerzone Orchestra, Carl Craig has built himself a self-created Techno Empire. Two Craig songs that I have been listening to alot recently, are the '05 twelve-inch cut "Sparkle" and the '95 release of "The Climax" under the name Paper Clip People. Both songs showcase Craig's signature techno sound that he has become known for. I'm sure you'll agree.

Carl Craig - Sparkle
Paper Clip People - The Climax

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