Monday, September 11, 2006

Looking for the Perfect Beat

Less talking on a Monday and more dancing. Here is some early Electro Funk to get your week started off right. Break out the B-Boy gear and the cardboard:

Starflight- Dance To The Beat
Time Zone - The Wildstyle (Instrumental Mix)
Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk


And because I can't resist...

Here is the DFA remix of the Arthur Russell track "Springfield", which will be released on CD September 12th and vinyl on September 26th. This is exciting.

Arthur Russell - Springfield (DFA remix)(radio rip)

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maxcar said...

well, you promised you wouldn't have posted it, but damn, who cares

American Athlete said...

sorry, I will take it down in a couple of hours, promise. I just couldn't help it because it's so so good. Once again, I apoligize.

Steve said...

Please remove all Arthur Russell files.

Steve Knutson
Audika Records