Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Grey Clouds in the Sky

As I predicted at the beginning of '06, 2020 Soundsystem has had a break out year releasing three amazing 12-inch singles in No Order, Grey Clouds, and Tape. This 4 piece British/Argentina electronic act is headed by Ralph Lawson and includes Silver City's Fernando Pulichino and Julian Sanza. Known for their intense live show, 2020 shows us here that they can also hold down the music on wax as well as live. Grey Clouds is major dancefloor funk-er, very remincent to WhoMadeWho's "Out The Door". Spirit Catcher gives the song a proper galactic electro re-edit with their "Gated Mind" remix on the B-side. Quality dance music.

2020 Soundsystem - Grey Clouds(Balearic Bastard Mix)
2020 Soundsystem - Grey Clouds(Spirit Catcher's Gated Mind Remix)

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