Monday, November 27, 2006

Through The Door

When I was visiting Seattle, Wa. a few weeks back I picked up Nick Chacona's Through The Door 12-inch that was released off of 20:20 Vision this past August. This New York City resident has had a huge year releasing four records, including the much praised Leo and Band Practice! 12-inches. From what I ever heard from Chacona, I generally enjoyed, however, I found that nothing ever really took me over the top until I listened to Through The Door. After just one listen I must say that I'm suprised that it took me until November to discover one of the better releases of 2006. Both songs remind me of that "Norweigen Cosmic Disco House" sound we all love so much. This release in my opinion takes Chacona's music to a new height. I hope he continues to explore more with this sound in '07.

(Links taken down by request, go buy the record)
Nick Chacona - Through The Door
Nick Chacona - The Next

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Tal said...

couldn't agree with this post more

SFB said...

I came accross your blog and love the music. i am starting one of my own in English and japanese. It should be finally up and running next week.

I'm flying to San Francisco next month, and I'm going to be looking for vinyl and DJ hardware. Where do you recomend?

SFB said...

Doh...I don't know what made me think you are in the Bay Area. Well, if you are, then any shop recomendations are welcome; if not, then keep up the great work.

Pat Les Stache said...

I currently live in Sacramento, Ca. however will be moving up to Seattle, Wa. early in 2007. As far as vinyl SF shops go I would recommend Open Mind Music and Amoeba Music. Those two should keep you busy for hours.

SFB said...

Crazy...i went to American River College for a while, but I'm now living in Japan. I don't remember much of a dance culture in Sacramento.

I'll look into Open Mind. I used to go to Amoeba all the time for used CDs, but can you preview the vinyl before you buy it? Also, what are you using to host your music?

Pat Les Stache said...

There isn't much of a true dance culture in Sacramento. There are dance nights however it constantly consists of kids who could care less about the music and more about what they are wearing or how cool they are for going. That's most likely a future blog post.

Open Mind music is my favorite record store of all time, crates and crates of house/techno/disco records. At Amoeba you still can't listen to the vinyl before you buy it, however they have a really updated house/electronica section. I host my songs online through my own personal server.

Thanks, enjoy California!