Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dancing Droids

Well, I successfully moved up from Sacramento, Ca. to Seattle, Wa. with only the little bit of chaos that probably takes place in any big move. Anyways, not much as far as this blog will change by the move(the internet is a global thing). So I just thought I might share that I'm now located in a different section on the map.

Anyways, one song I've really been into lately is Nick Chacona's re-edit of The Droids, "Shanti Dance" , which appears on Muallem's Mutations 3. This cosmic disco song takes listeners on a 11 minute voyage through an electronic timezone. You easily get lost in all it's electronic layers, which reminds me alot of Chacona's Through The Door record. If you like long electronic disco escapades, then this song is for you.

The Droids - Shanti Dance (Nick Chacona Remix)

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1 comment:

SFB said...

Loving these tunes - I got a Chacona and Mansfield along with She Tasted like a White Russian in my next set this weekend....saw that the future force - night pony - linbaek mix got some play by Phil Mison on Beats in Space. Nice work!