Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spirit of Sunshine

A West End twelve-inch that doesn't get enough play or credit in my opinion is Chuck Davis Orchestra's 1977 funky disco cut "Spirit of Sunshine". I rarely hear this song being played out or included in any online mixes which is quite surprising to me, especially because it does have a nice and funky groove that would seem to blend nicely into many disco mixes. I could also see this track being prime material for a great re-edit. The track was mixed by disco mastermind Tom Moulton and was written by a producer named C. Carl Wing. Overall, it's a solid track that definitely deserves it's due. ENJOY!

The Chuck Davis Orchestra - Spirit of Sunshine

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Anonymous said...

I remember hearing this at the Loft @ 99 Prince St. The break is fantastic on this track. I later heard Larry spin this at the 'Garage' great memories. I later heard Frankie Kunckles spin this at the 'Warehouse' on my first ever visit to Chicago back in 1978. The track is basically one big break and I loved that.

I can hear the track "Your Just The Right Size" coming in.

vaporguy said...

Thx for this. There is, in fact, a re-edit or reinterpretation perhaps, out now by a guy named John Talabot. It's called, appropriately "Sunshine".


Anonymous said...

Strange edit!!!!!


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Anonymous said...


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