Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Watch Out South Africa, Here We Come

When anybody talks about seventies cosmic disco, it's hard to not bring up the Kurt Hauenstein founded band Supermax. I've been lucky enough to hunt down many of the group's records over the past couple years including their amazing 1977 album Don't Stop The Music This cosmic masterpiece includes many amazing songs including "Dance, Dance, Dance", "Don't Stop The Music", and "Supermax" the song, however the song that has grown on me the most over the past few years is the album cut "Watch Out South Africa, Here We Come". I feel like this track is one of the more looked-over gems released by the group. The song has the typical 'Supermax' cosmic feel, however for some reason I find myself listening to this track a bit more than the others. That being said, I'm sure we all have our personal favorites when it comes to this group, especially since they have so many great tracks. Regardless, here is just one of the many. Enjoy!

Supermax - Watch Out South Africa, Here We Come

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