Thursday, August 20, 2009

Your Cosmic Love

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the last Jo Bisso track I posted, so I thought I would share another. Here is the 1977 disco gem "Your Love" from his album "Love Somebody". This funky laid back cut has a bit of a cosmic-psychedelic feel to it. I find that the more you listen to it the more it really starts to grow on you. Overall, another great production from an artist that definitely released some amazing disco songs during the late 1970's.

Jo Bisso - Your Love

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Anonymous said...

I see you like Joe Bisso. I heard this at the Loft back in NYC and i can remember dancing to this and asking the DJ who this was. I have not heard this in such a long time. This album is truly a gem.

patrick bryant said...

Thanks for this. My fave track at the moment is Don't Think About It by Jo Bisso/Venise, a long-lost cousin to "Disco Juice." but you probably know that already/\.

b2v said...

it sounds like the compression is not as good as it normaly is... the track is massive though :)