Friday, August 21, 2009

Blood Brothers & Sisters Clap Your Hands!

First off, I hope to see all the Vancouver readers of this blog on Saturday night at The Woods for the Love Dancing disco party. As I've mentioned before, I'm guest deejaying along side residents Warm it Up Chris and Jordan Grey. The party starts around 11pm, and I'll be jumping on the decks around 1am-ish. We are expecting a good crowd and it will be my only trip up North for a while.

With that being said... is another great cut, entitled "Wela Wela", from the Afro-disco flavored group Black Blood. This track is off of there 1977 album, which I was lucky enough to find a couple of years ago, Blood Brother Blood Sister. Take notice, if you ever come across any Black Blood records, I highly recommend snatching them up. I've only seen two in my entire dedicated-to-crate-digging life. Anyways, enjoy the weekend and I hope to see everyone tomorrow night!

Black Blood - Wela Wela

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sean orr said...

c u in the woods

Anonymous said...

I heard this on Danny Krivit's Grass Roots CD. I didn't know howintensethis track was. Thanks for posting.

Wish I could join you in the woods as well.