Thursday, April 26, 2007

Disco Diamond

London's Kathy Diamond first appeared on the music map with 2003's Sunshine 12", off of Idjut Boys' Cottage label. The title track to the record, "Sunshine", also appeared on Idjut Boys' excellent DJ-mix compilation, Press Play in '05. Since then, Kathy Diamond has released a couple of singles, All Woman and Over off of Munich label Permanent Vacation. Both singles were produced by Maurice Fulton and consisted a good mixture of disco, soul, and funk. Diamond's most recent single Over 12" is definately in the running for best 12" single of the year (In my opinion, of course). On April 27th, Permanent Vacation will release Diamond's first Full-Length album entitled, Miss Diamond To You. I definately have mixed feelings about the full-length record, however I highly recommend picking up all three of her singles.

Kathy Diamond - Over
Kathy Diamond - All Woman

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