Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Walking On a Crystal Sea

Ilya Santana recently released Discotized 12" off of Permanent Vacation, which has been seeing some really great reviews. However before this release, Ilya was probably pretty unknown to many people when it came to his music productions. After going back and listening to some of his older stuff like the 2005 12-inch single Histories & Fairytales off of Airtight Records and 2004's Analogic Mind 12", it's not hard to see that Ilya Santana is solid producer with some really amazing compositions. I'm hoping Permanent Vacation decides to releases a few more singles and possibly a full-length. Enjoy some great "disco house" from a couple of years ago that I was able to recently to dig up off his debut release in 2004 entitled Walking On a Crystal Sea 12".

Ilya Santana - Magic!
Ilya Santana - Walking On a Crystal Sea (extended version)

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H.M.A. said...

this whole single is amazing! it was such a find for me, especially reading about danny wang's experiences with ilya. thanks for posting!

DJ KL said...

Hey mate, I just made a comment on one of your older posts (Spirit Cather "Night Vision") but thought I should just say I'm glad I found your blog! Fantastic stuff on here, really right up my alley. I'll be dropping by regularly that's for sure. Cheers from Australia, KL.

Jackson Panix said...