Thursday, May 24, 2007

Phantom of the Disco

Noid Recordings has released some amazing disco records the past few years, including Major Swellings self-titled LP, Idjut Boys' Noid Long Player, and most recently Rune Lindbæk's Klubb Kebabb Lp to name a few. One of my favorite releases comes from Phantom Slasher, which is a disco re-edit project by the Idjut Boys. In 2006, Phantom Slasher released their 4th release off of Noid entitled, Gruble. This double LP mixes in a set well with Major Swelling and Klubb Kebabb with my favorite tracks being "Lasagne For 10" and "Eat Them Jeans". All the orginal titles have been given different names with the orginal artists unlisted. Like I said, if your fan of Major Swellings or Rune Lindbæk's Klubb Kebabb, then this is a "must-have" for your disco re-edit collection.

Phantom Slasher - Lasagne For 10
Phantom Slasher - Eat Them Jeans
Phantom Slasher - Love Ranger

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chris keys said...

awesome album, all the new noid stuff totally rocks!!! I've dug up a few really early noid bits to blog in the next few days... check em out..

seandonson said...

Great tracks, can't wait to hear the album.

Unknown said...

Thx for Trx!! Since my brother gave me the "Puddle and Spout" LP I've been blown away by the meta-funk, and I'm super-stoked on the new release. cheers!

stan said...

stick Lasagne For 10 between Man With The Red Face and Zdarlight